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Periodontal treatment is performed when a patient has gum disease. This disease is caused by plaque and tartar which are bacteria and particles that are deposited on teeth.

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Gum Treatment

Periodontal treatment is performed by a periodontist when a patient has gum disease. This disease is caused by plaque and tartar which are bacteria and particles that are deposited on teeth. When bacteria causes inflammation in the gums or an infection it is called Gingivitis. This can cause red and swollen gums, pain, bleeding and itching.

You can cure gingivitis by exercising good dental hygiene; brushing and flossing your teeth correctly multiple times throughout everyday, and visiting our dental hygienist in Van Nuys or Glendale regularly. If the gingivitis is not taken care of correctly, it can become periodontitis.

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the gums around the tooth. Plaque accumulates below the gums affecting the tissues that surround and support the teeth, causing them to fall or loosen out and supporting bone to be lost..

Importance of Gum Health

In this video, Dr. Káren Baghdasaryan, discusses the importance of gum health and which treatments are available, as well as IV sedation options for patients.

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Excessive Or Uneven Gums

Gum tissue surrounds teeth and acts like a sealant for them. They also provide shape and form to the top border of the tooth.

Some people may have a great section of their gum showing when they smile and their teeth seem to be very short. This is usually called a “Gummy Smile” and can be corrected with a cosmetic procedure called a “Gum Lift” or “Gingival Contouring”. This gum surgery reduces the exceeding gum tissue and bone to acquire a normal gum appearance.

Soft Tissue Grafts

Soft Tissue Grafts

Having a healthy gum tissue around the tooth contributes not only to the health of the tooth but also how natural and beautiful they look.

Gum recession is very common and can happen due to many reasons out of which most frequent are periodontal (gum) disease, excessive brushing, brushing with a hard toothbrush, unfavorable position of the tooth, and sometimes trauma due to wrong bite, defective dental restorations, or due to foreign objects like tongue and lip piercings. Aging is another factor for gum recession.

As a result of gum recession root surface of the tooth becomes exposed. Since it is not protected with enamel of the tooth it can become sensitive to cold, hot, and touch. It also wears off faster during brushing creating abrasions. Exposed root surface becomes susceptible to root decay. Gum recession can also create impaired oral hygiene and esthetic issues.

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