pediatric dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry are all the dental care-related procedures a dentist use to reduce your chances of serious dental health problems.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the dental care of children under 16 years old. Our Glendale pediatric dentist knows how to approach children by establishing confidence with them.

The dentist talks to the child about the importance of oral cleaning, how to make teeth strong and ways to prevent cavities. An important role of a pediatric dentist is to maintain primary teeth until they are naturally lost.

Fluoride glendale


Fluoride is a mineral that helps teeth against tooth decay protecting them from cavities. Using fluoride is considered important for having healthy and strong teeth. You can find fluoride in toothpaste, water, food, rocks, air, soil and plants.

Our Glendale Dentists recommend the used of fluoride because it strengthens tooth enamel and makes the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from sugars and plaque bacteria, thus preventing tooth decay. If you visit your dentist, he/she may apply a fluoride treatment of higher dosis than is found in commercial products to help give extra protection against tooth decay and/or to alleviate tooth sensitivity.

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Dental Sealant

A dental sealant is a plastic material placed on the top surface of the back teeth by dentists to prevent cavities. Dental sealants are primarily a preventive treatment for permanent teeth and are used mainly on children and teenagers because they have higher potential to develop cavities, but adults that may be in high risk should have them too. Dental sealants prevent tooth decay caused by dental plaque and can last more than 5 years.

This procedure is done at our dental office in Van Nuys and Glendale and it is painless. First, the chewing surface of the tooth is cleaned and dried. Then, the dentist applies a thin layer of the sealant on the pits and fissures of the tooth. Next, the sealant material is dried with blue spectrum natural light and becomes hard.

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Prophylaxis is a procedure done by our Hygienists in Van Nuys and Glendale in which teeth are cleaned to prevent tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath and stained teeth. It consists of the removal of plaque and tartar from teeth and gums, and the application of substances that prevent caries as well as the checking of restorations and prostheses.r in North America. The best way to guard yourself against oral cancer is by discovering it early. Early detection of oral cancer improves the chances of survival. Our Glendale dentists have the technology and skills to diagnose and detect this form of cancer right away. Make an appointment with our dentists in Glendale today.

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