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Crowded Teeth: Causes and Consequences

Crowded teeth: Causes and Consequences

Dental crowding is one of the most frequent tooth problems.

When your teeth are crowded, they appear mounted or overlapped on each other. This is a very common problem that must be solved to achieve correct oral functionality as well as the correct dental aesthetics.

Orthodontic treatments will correct imperfect dental positions that may develop due to the lack of space between the teeth.

Causes of Crowded Teeth

Dental crowding occurs due to a difference between the size of the teeth and the space that is needed for them to be aligned.

This sometimes causes the teeth not to erupt in the mouth but to stay inside the bone. On the other hand, some teeth do come out in the mouth, but overlapping each other. Among the multiple causes of dental crowding are genetic factors, early fall of baby teeth and some specific syndromes.

Consequences of Crowded Teeth

Dental crowding leads to a series of negative consequences. Malposition of the teeth potentially hampers the removal and cleaning of food debris and bacterial plaque that accumulates between the teeth. So, a person who suffers from dental crowding can suffer from both periodontal disease, and plenty of cavities.

Treatment for Crowded Teeth

Once the problem is diagnosed, your dentist in Glendale will tell you which type of orthodontic treatment is the most appropriate to place your teeth in their correct position.

Some of these treatments could be:

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