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Cyberdent would like to share with you some dental advice regarding what NOT TO DO with your teeth so you can prevent tooth decay, dental cracks, and oral diseases. It's very important to have good dental habits because a dental problem may have more negative consequences that you can ever imagine!

Our Glendale dentist would like to help you and your family achieve and maintain the best possible oral health. If you have a problem or are seeking preventive dental care, Cyberdent is available to help with a full range of general and specialty services.

10 Basic Dental Don’ts to have a Hollywood style SMILE!

1. DON'T: Smoke
Smoking will stain your teeth drastically and affect your gums, causing bad breath. The smoke also prevents you from experiencing the complete real taste of food and drinks. Smoking as a habit predisposes people to suffer from oral cancer.

2. DON'T: wear mouth piercings
Tongue or lip piercings generate micro-fractures in your teeth that in time may completely break your dental pieces.

3. DON'T: cut strings with your teeth
Using your teeth as a cutting tool wears out the edges of your teeth and leads to extreme sensitivity.

4. DON'T:: bite objects
Biting pencils or trying to open a lid with your teeth may cause tiny fissures and cracks in the tops layer of your teeth.

5. DON'T: chew seeds
Chewing seeds may cause fissures in your molars.

6. DON'T: chew gum
Chewing gum constantly may cause articular problems and tooth cavities.

7. DON'T: create pressure while brushing
Brushing strongly or using hard toothbrushes may harm your gums and produce dental abrasion. This creates sensitivity in this area.

8. DON'T: bite your nails
Biting your nails may cause micro-fractures in the frontal sector of your mouth, weakening your dental pieces.

9. DON'T: use toothpicks
Using toothpicks or any other sharp object to clean your teeth might irritate your gums and cause them to swell, which can lead to gum disease. The ideal tool to clean your teeth is dental floss.

10. DON'T: take drugs unless prescribed by a physician or dentist.
Some drugs work by rubbing them over your gums. This produces gum irritation and inflammation, and also wears out the front layer of your teeth.


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