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Interview with Dr. Káren Baghdasaryan DDS, MBA

What sets you apart from other dentists in the area?

Dr.Karen Dentist With Patient Cyberdent office

Unremitting fealty to our metier sets us apart from other dentists and dental offices. Every single case we treat in Cyberdent no matter how big or small we do with strong endeavor to challenge the status quo in dentistry, we do with belief in thinking differently, we do with belief in reaching new levels of perfection every day of our life. Our purpose is to make dentistry so much better than it is today. We approach our specialty as an Advanced Medical Science and are dedicated to become the masters of that science.

Dentist The way we are thinking to challenge the status quo is by refraining from utilizing substandard treatments or materials, seeking out the best and predictable approaches that conform to both the doctors recommendation and patients goals. We research and study every case to explore the nature of things and document it.

We make our diagnosis and render the treatment by utilizing the latest sophisticated technology and treatment modalities. We indulge in challenging cases that demand unremitting perseverance, face up to arduousness of demystifying the dilemmas in our ever-growing and expanding profession, and constantly up-skill ourself on all aspects of dentistry. That places us today at the cutting edge of dentistry and enables us to provide the best possible dental services to our patients.


What Made Me Become a Dentist?


My parents played a great role in my career choice both directly and indirectly.

Ever since 6 years old I would visit my mom at work. She was working as surgical nurse in a central hospital of the town I was born and raised. Medical personnel was very friendly with me and they would allow me to participate first in patients checkups, then postoperative care, further, noticing my enthusiasm, they would allow and even encourage me to participate during the surgeries (as an observer). Everybody was looking at me and treating me like a small seed that will grow and become a doctor. All that exposure as well as everybody’s expectations put me in a path of medical profession.

Then there was also the pear pressure and popularity that played a role in the school. Teachers and peers would expect and assume that if one is a strait “A” student and succeeds in school, then chances are he or she will pursue a medical career. When I was about to apply to medical school my mother would hesitate. Having worked with surgeons all her life she wanted her son to have more balanced life, and convinced me to choose an area of medicine that would allow me to invest all my interests and passion about medicine meanwhile being able to allocate some time for personal life. And voilà, I went to Dental school. Dentistry at that time wasn’t something I was very familiar with but as soon as I got immersed into the studies I came to love it.

Tooth It was very easy for me to choose this profession due to the environmental factors that influenced me immensely. And now having gone way far into it I can happily say that I made the right choice. I also met the love of my life in the dental school, which leaves me no space for doubt that I was destined to take that rout and that I would never trade it for anything else. I am so thankful to all the great people in my life who willingly or unwillingly somehow conditioned me in making my career choice in life."

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