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Do you feel that your smile is not what you would like it to be? Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look?

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Why our Dental Office in Pasadena?

Going to the dentist used to be a dreaded experience for most people, our Pasadena dentists will make your visit to the dentist a pleasant and wonderful experience. We have a relaxing and calm environment at our Pasadena dentist office that will prove to you that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary or terrible experience. Relax watching TV or listening to music while your procedure is done.

"You will be surprised to discover that you’ll actually look forward to your next dentist visit."

Our Pasadena dentists offer any general or cosmetic dental procedure!

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Our Pasadena dentists are trained to perform any general procedure you might need. When you want your teeth to look better and your smile to improve our Pasadena cosmetic dentist can give you a complete makeover with the latest technology at his disposal. Our Pasadena cosmetic dentist has all the necessary skills and training to do procedures in an aesthetically pleasing way. Our Pasadena cosmetic dentist is aware how important a beautiful smile can be to most patients. Call us today and make an appointment today with our Pasadena cosmetic dentist so you can have a smile makeover that you can be proud of.

Featuring Dental Procedures

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Root canal is not as bad as it sounds!

If you need root canal treatment our Pasadena dental office is the place where you need to be. Root canal treatment is used by our dentist to save a tooth that has been damaged on the inside by infection. It consists of opening and cleaning the pulp chamber of the tooth and root canals. Our Pasadena dental staff will disinfect and remove any dead tissue or pus that might be there in an attempt to save the tooth structure. Read more about root canals

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Dental crown and bridge in Pasadena, CA

If what you need is a crown or bridge work our dentist in Pasadena, CA is more than qualified to perform these procedures. A crown is used to repair and improve the appearance of your teeth. Bridges are made of false teeth and are used to repair missing teeth. If you are afraid or think you might need any of these procedures done please visit our dentist in Pasadena, CA. At our dentist office in Pasadena, CA we have all the latest technology, caring, understanding staff and the skills necessary to provide you with the best care possible while we perform any procedure. Read more about crowns

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Composite fillings to seal your cavities

If you need a filling done, our Pasadena dentists can do beautiful fillings that will be the natural color of your teeth. Fillings are used to seal cavities caused by tooth decay and to prevent further damage to your teeth. Now you don’t need to have those ugly amalgam fillings that don’t match your teeth. Our Pasadena dentists will use composite fillings to seal your cavities. Composite fillings have several benefits. For one, they are less sensitive to temperature changes, and since they are made of a resin material that matches the color of your teeth, they will be virtually unnoticeable to the naked eye. Read more about fillings

E4D Dentist System; Same day dentistry

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The Wellness Hour interviews our Pasadena dentist
Dr. Baghdasaryan

You don’t have to look for this technology in any other dental office because we have it right here in your own Cyberdent! We invested in this technology because we consider that our patients from Pasadena deserve the best dental care available and modern dentistry that fits their lifestyles!

E4D Dentistry, allows you to be in and out of our dental office with your permanent, natural-looking and metal-free restorations in one single visit. Read more about E4D dentist system


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