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Five Things You Should Know about Smile Design from Glendale Dentist

Five things you should know about smile design from Glendale area dentist

At CyberDent, patients in and around the area of Glendale are often interested in learning about the benefits of smile design. Smile design, sometimes referred to as full mouth reconstruction or a “smile makeover,” is a popular option for patients who have several imperfections affecting the appearance and function of their smile.

What is smile design?

Smile design is a combination of aesthetic and restorative treatments that are used to completely change the appearance of the teeth. It may include a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments or just a few to make subtle yet noticeable changes.

What are five things you should know about smile design?

  • Our dentists lay out a custom plan for each patient, ensuring each patient has their specific goals reached and exceeded when it comes to the amazing results we can achieve.
  • Patients can speak to our dentist about their concerns and have them addressed in a caring, friendly facility.
  • Treatments provided for smile design are often natural in appearance, ensuring the smile looks beautiful and not as though patients have had “work done.”
  • Our team of professionals work with patients to make smile design affordable, often working on one issue at a time or providing financing solutions that can fit any budget.
  • Smile design may include any number of procedures which can be done one-by-one or during an extended visit to the dental chair.

Who is a candidate for smile design?

Any patient who has imperfections in their smile may opt to have treatments such as smile design performed. Smile design may focus on one area of the smile, such as a broken tooth or gaps between teeth, or may completely reconstruct the smile with dental implants, dentures, orthodontics, professional bleaching, and veneers. Our patients are encouraged to sit down with our dental staff to discuss the issues at hand and learn more about the options available to achieve the smile of their dreams!

Interested in learning more about smile design? Contact Glendale area dentists at CyberDent to discuss your options. Call (818) 547-4455 and visit personally at 6300 San Fernando Road.


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