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How Do You Know When It’s Time to See an Oral Surgeon in Glendale?

Oral Surgery

There are times in which patients in the area of Glendale, California may need the assistance of an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons are dental professionals who provide treatment that is necessary to bring the smile back to health or to restore its functionality. At CyberDent, Drs. Karen Baghdasaryan and Gohar Hovsepyan provide many oral surgery solutions including the placement of dental implants and the removal of wisdom teeth.

Dental implants
Dental implants are restorations made of titanium metal that are placed into the bone of the jaw. They act as a natural tooth root and provide the foundation for a crown, bridge, or denture. These restorations are extremely beneficial as they can last a lifetime, providing permanent repair. Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement in front of dentures and bridges. They derive their strength and stability from the bone which grows around them during a process called osseointegration. Most patients with sufficient bone in the jaw are appropriate candidates for the placement of implants.

Wisdom teeth
The wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are the last teeth to erupt through the gum line. They are way in the back of the mouth and oftentimes become impacted because there is not enough space for them. When this happens, patients experience pain in the jaw area. Our oral surgeon can provide removal of both impacted and erupted wisdom teeth. These teeth can be removed without any permanent negative effects to the smile because they are not necessary. Patients often see relief when they have these teeth removed permanently, allowing them to go about their lives without dental pain!

Drs. Karen Baghdasaryan and Gohar Hovsepyan of CyberDent proudly offer oral surgery solutions for Glendale, California area patients. Call their practice today at (818) 547-4455 or connect with our team face-to-face at 6300 San Fernando Road. Our practice is here to assist new and existing patients in the community and surrounding areas.


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