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How Long Does It Take to Place a Dental Implant?

How long does it take to place a dental implant?

Thanks to modern dentistry, dentists are now able to use dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are the most effective, long-term solution for replacing teeth. The best part is that they require only minimal care, such as brushing and flossing. They also look completely natural, so no one will even know you have them! But, how long does it take to get a dental implant? Generally, it depends.

From start to finish, dental implants can be placed over several months. The longest part of the dental implant procedure is allowing the gums to heal at the implant site which usually takes about 4 months. Sufficient amount of time needs to pass in order to allow the gums to heal because it is required for successful placement of the implant.

In some cases, when front teeth are involved and there is sufficient amount of healthy bone and gum tissue, it is possible to place the implant and restore it with temporary crown immediately. In this case, the temporary crown will be changed to permanent one in about 3-4 months when the implant will be normally integrated with the bone.

In order to be a candidate for dental implants, you must commit to regular visits to our dentists in Glendale, be in good overall health, refrain from smoking and have enough bone structure to support the dental implant in addition to other requirements as well. If you don’t meet the requirements initially, don’t worry. We will help you address any oral health issues so that you can become a candidate for dental implants.

Remember to call us if you have any questions regarding the dental implant process. We are here for your every need!

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