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Oral Cancer Screening

Our Glendale dentist offers oral cancer screening. The screening procedure is a quick, easy, and effective method of early oral cancer detection.

Oral Cancer Foundation in declaring April as Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Month!

Oral Cancer exam Glendale, CA

Over the past several decades there is no significant decrease in the incidence of oral cancer mostly because roughly two-thirds of the time, oral cancer is discovered in late stages when the 5-year survival rate is about 30%. If we can discover oral cancer in early stages, however, the survival rate goes up to 80% - 90%. Of course, if we can discover the condition in pre-cancerous stages, that’s even better.

The single-most important thing you can do to reduce the impact of oral cancer is to have comprehensive oral cancer exams at least once a year at CyberDent.

During the month of April, you can get free oral cancer screening at CyberDent.

At a minimum, this exam consists of looking for lesions in the oral cavity with the naked eye and palpating the neck and face for suspicious lumps. This inspection can be augmented with an exam using an adjunctive device, such as ones using fluorescence visualization technology. Fortunately, both exams take only a few minutes combined and are non-invasive to patients.

Oral Cancer, what you need to know

Oral Cancer Screening

Every hour someone dies from oral cancer in North America. The best way to guard yourself against oral cancer is by discovering it early. Early detection of oral cancer improves the chances of survival.

Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection helps to notice abnormalities in soft tissues of the mouth and is clinically proven to discover even non-apparent oral lesions.

The Screening procedure is a quick, easy, and effective method of early detection. The procedure is painless, takes only a few minutes during a routine checkup, and is inexpensive.

If you find a sore lesion in your mouth that is not healing, you should call us to make an appointment for us to check things out. Catching cancer early enough allows clinicians to implement the treatment with most favorable outcomes.

The Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection in Action!

This amazing high-tech device can help our Glendale cosmetic dentist detect oral cancer early.

The Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection in Action!



Oral cancer video
Oral cancer video
Oral cancer video


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