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Risks You Need to Know about DIY Teeth Whitening

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When patients are interested in teeth whitening, Glendale area residents may turn to the internet or their friends to learn about ways to brighten their smile. However, there are many DIY techniques that are explained online that can actually do more harm than good. It is essential that patients talk to a professional Glendale dentist to learn about the dangers of damaging their teeth and gums with these at- home solutions, and discuss the advantages of professional teeth whitening solutions for white teeth!

What is professional teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is a method of achieving a white smile with the assistance of a dental team. Dr. Karen Baghdasaryan and his staff encourage patients to learn about these advanced, tried- and-true methods of whitening available with dentists rather than risk damaging their smile with DIY options from their friends or the internet. Many of these techniques can be harmful to the teeth and gums, resulting in more expensive repairs in the dental chair.

Professional whitening is achieved with Dr. Karen Baghdasaryan in Glendale in one of two ways.

KoR Deep Bleaching System

The first method of whitening is with the KoR Deep Bleaching System. This is the use of a take-home plastic tray that is formed using impressions of the natural smile and is used alongside strong, concentrated bleaching gel. Patients wear the tray at home for a specific period of time each day to gradually brighten their teeth and maintain the results over time.

Zoom Whitening

For patients who want faster, same-day results in less than an hour, our team may suggest the advantages of the Zoom Whitening system. This method is performed right in the dental chair under the assistance of our dental team using a special hydrogen peroxide solution in conjunction with an ultraviolet light lamp to activate the whitening results.

Ready to discuss professional teeth whitening with a Glendale dentist?

Contact Dr. Karen Baghdasaryan and his staff today! Call (808) 547-4455 to schedule an appointment at the office, conveniently located at 6300 San Fernando Road. His practice is here to assist new and existing patients in the community with achieving a whiter, brighter, more beautiful smile for life! Schedule our consultation visit with our staff today and take the first step in learning more about the advantages of professional teeth whitening!

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