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Veneers for Chipped and Decayed Teeth

Veneers for Chipped and Decayed Teeth

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of patients around the world have visited their dentist for veneers. The trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and we are happy to provide our patients the choices they need when they have a cosmetic concern to address. Some of the popular options for veneer treatment today include composite direct veneers, or dental bonding, porcelain veneers, and Lumineers. Lumineers is a brand of porcelain veneers that eliminates the need to reduce surface enamel.

With the wealth of options to choose from, determining the best approach for your needs may seem like a challenge. Your dentist at CyberDent in Glendale has been performing all forms of veneer treatment for years. If you have chipped or decayed teeth, gaps, or other concerns, we can help you. Here, we will look at composite veneers versus porcelain.


Composite Veneers

Dental composite is a pliable material, like putty. It is made from quartz and resin, a type of plastic. Together, these two substances create a durable, lifelike material that may be applied directly over enamel. The primary advantage of composite veneers also known as dental bonding, is that a tooth can be transformed in a single office visit. The primary disadvantage of composite bonding is that the end result does not replicate enamel as closely as porcelain.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is composed primarily of highly refined glass. Because porcelain is so pure in its form, it very closely resembles natural enamel. This is the main advantage of this cosmetic treatment. Obviously, when you invest into cosmetic dentistry, you want the final product to look like it came straight from Mother Nature herself. And we want this, too!

The disadvantage that some patients see with porcelain veneers is that two to three visits may be involved in the smile makeover process. Also, in order to traditional porcelain veneers to be seated properly, it is necessary to reduce surface enamel by about the thickness of a fingernail. This is not much, but it means that the teeth will need to be covered permanently. If the veneer cracks or chips, it will need to be replaced.

At CyberDent, we also offer the Lumineers type of porcelain veneer. This no-prep veneer treatment does not require enamel reduction, an aspect of care that many patients find appealing.

Your smile means a lot to you, so it is a priority to us to bring out its natural beauty. Call (818) 547 - 4455 for a consultation with our dentist in Glendale to design the smile of your dreams.

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