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What Nobody Tells You about Tooth Decay from Glendale dentist

What Nobody Tells You about Tooth Decay from Glendale area dentist

When Glendale area patients experience tooth decay, it is so important to make sure you speak to a dentist as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. What nobody tells you about tooth decay is that, if left untreated, it can result in some serious issues. Tooth decay left undiagnosed and untreated is not just a minor discomfort for patients who develop sensitivities to certain foods (i.e. candies) or experience pain when enjoying beverages of varying temperatures. Without a proper diagnosis and treatment, a cavity can become so large that it affects the dental pulp inside of the tooth. At this point, root canal therapy is the only way a dentist can attempt to save the tooth structure itself. If the root canal fails, patients are faced with permanent extraction and replacement options.

Tooth decay is completely preventable. Patients are urged to see their dentist at least twice a year for an evaluation and a thorough cleaning. When x-rays are done, Dr. Karen Baghdasaryan of CyberDent can also evaluate the structures of the teeth that are underneath the gum line and are not visible in any other way. X-rays are great for diagnostic work. However, when patients fail to see their dentist for routine checkups and cleanings, they are putting their smile at risk. Cavities can form and not be painful, making it difficult for some patients to realize they are even there! Left untreated, the tooth can become infected. Root canal therapy is a procedure that can be performed to save the tooth, but it is not always successful.

Dr. Karen Baghdasaryan and the team of CyberDent is here to assist patients in the community of Glendale, CA with a wide range of treatment options for their smile. If you live in or around the area and want to start working with a dedicated group of dental professionals for a healthier, more beautiful smile, now is the time to schedule an evaluation with our dentist. Call the CyberDent practice today at (818) 547-4455 and visit the office at 6300 San Fernando Road.

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