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What qualifies as a dental emergency?

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

If we were to ask this question to 100 people, we would expect to hear answers such as “a tooth getting knocked out” or “breaking a tooth.” These are good answers, and they are, in fact, accurate. Did you know that teeth getting knocked out or broken are actually some of the least common dental emergencies? That’s right! The dental emergency that we treat most often in our Glendale office is a good old-fashioned toothache.

Let’s break this down.

An emergency is a situation that has occurred suddenly and unexpectedly. Looking at it like that, it is easy to see how there could be several instances that qualify as a dental emergency. Believe it or not, this could even be getting a piece of food lodged in between two teeth and not being able to get it out. Other circumstances that would need to be treated promptly include:

  • A filling or crown falls out or gets damaged.
  • A tooth gets knocked loose.
  • Soft tissue in the mouth is cut or injured.

What to do for a Dental Emergency

What needs to be done for a dental emergency depends on the type and severity of the injury. The timing of the situation may also factor in. For example, if you trip over your dog on the way to the kitchen for a midnight snack, and you crack a tooth during this debacle, you may take an over-the-counter pain medication to reduce pain and call our office first thing in the morning. However, if that fall results in a knocked-out tooth and bleeding gums, you may want to head to your nearest emergency room.

The best thing to do if you are in question about a dental emergency is to call our Glendale office at (818) 547 - 4455. In fact, keep our number stored in your phone so you do not have to spend unnecessary time searching for the help you need.

Back to the Common Emergency

Knowing that most dental emergencies involve a sudden toothache gives you some insight. A toothache usually does not pop up out of the blue. In most instances, a minor cavity has caused subtle symptoms such as sensitivity. This is the best time to get care if you wish to avoid a more urgent situation.

We are here to help you avoid stressful dental problems. Contact us today to schedule a routine exam and cleaning.

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